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Sectors of the Economy (Local)

Activities that generate income are known as Economic Activities. The economic activities of the people of the world related to the production, distribution, exchange, use, and service related to the employment of various livelihoods for the purpose of livelihood are called economic activities

Economic activities are broadly grouped into

  1. Primary Sector
  2. Secondary Sector
  3. Tertiary Sector
  4. Quaternary Sector
  5. Quinary Sector

Through different economic activities, people are separated from their clothes and colors. They are classified as different Types of Collar Workers.

Primary Sector

Primary activities are directly dependent on the environment by utilizing resources such as land, water, vegetation, building materials, marines and minerals.

People engaged in primary activities predominantly work outdoor and are called red-collar workers.

Secondary Sector

Secondary activities add value to the natural resources by transforming raw materials into valuable products.

Manufacturing, Processing and Infrastructure Construction Industries are grouped under Secondary Sector.

People engaged in secondary activities are called blue-collar workers.

Tertiary Sector

Tertiary activities include both production and exchange of Services. The production involves the provision of services that are consumed. Exchange involves trade, transport and communication facilities that are used to overcome distance.

Employees employed in tertiary activities are called Pink-Collar Worker.

Quaternary Sector

Specialized tertiary activities in the Knowledge Sector are classified as Quaternary activities. There exists a high demand for and consumption of Information based services. They are not necessarily localized market and does not affect the environment.

Employees employed in Quaternary activities are called White-Collar Worker.

Quinary Sector

Activities involving Creation, arrangement or re-arrangement of existing or new ideas, data interpretation, use and evaluation of new technologies.

People engaged in Quinary activities are called Gold-collar professionals.

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