Self help

Quest  for  Knowledge

By Hari Laksh

Nov 2021


Knowing Nothing


Trees are an important part of Mother Earth and many different cultures admired them. They are playing a major role in our existence since the beginning of humankind and provide life, food, shelter for many living creatures. The Universal Symbolism of Trees taps into the history of each country and looks in depth at each culture. As we look into the symbolism of these beautiful beings, we will find that trees are one of the greatest things that connect all of mankind. Mystical and majestic, trees are seen as ancient living beings. From healing to protection, trees have played a large role in our history.

Cultures have coveted their energy and worshiped them. Providing us with so many of our basic needs, trees offer us far more with their mystical connection to our spiritually. A great energy and a wisdom are believed to flow through them. In the process of evolution, when humans came into existence, they carry some evolutionary memory from  other living beings in this mother planet. What the humans know seems nothing. The evolutionary memory gave them the knowledge of surviving, to eat, to sleep, to fear, to move around and to reproduce, as any other animal does.