The team is engaged in Trekking activities as and when time permits. In and around Tamil Nadu, there are several hills and mountains. Walking on a level ground is comparatively easier than walking uphill. Many people have love to walk uphill or hate walking downhill or vice versa. It requires extra efforts, so that we know that it is doing something good to our body. The benefits make it worth the effort. Walking is generally seen as easier, pleasant. Trekking is a journey, something that is more challenging, requires more effort and normally it takes more than a day or two.

  1. Gingee Fort (Senji Kottai)
  2. Sholingar
  3. Parvathamalai
  4. Sathuragiri
  5. Velliangiri
  6. Pothigaimalai
  7. Thoranamalai
  8. Kollimalai

Top Benefits of Trekking

Break the routine: Trekking is a physical activity that helps break the routine by exploring new places while doing good to our body.

Burn more calories: Normally, when we walk around our place of stay or work during morning, after lunch or evening walk, night walk before sleep, we burn approximately 100 calories per km, while going uphill burns 250 calories. Approximately 400 to 600 calories are burnt in an hour.

Lose the extra weight: We are not just going for a walk. We are spending hours sometimes days in the trail. Carrying the backpack with food, water and clothing required for the trail will add to the weight loss. This gives more motivation.

Gain the extra strength: Trekking makes us stronger. The uneven terrain provides us a proper all body workout that reaches all the muscles. Carrying some weight makes our back stronger.

Gain the healthier heartbeat: Trekking is good for our heart (consult your doctor before trekking if your heart has some issues). While trekking, heart has to pump more and improve the blood flow and oxygen flow.

Gaining friends for life: During trekking we will find lot of time to be with people, to whom we will be having great conversation on variety of topics. Making friends is healthier.

Clean the lungs: Walking in the nature far away from pollution, breathing in fresh and clean air will clean the lungs.

Calming the mind: Trekking in the nature is better than any meditation as we will be breathing clean air and enhancing the oxygen intake will quiet the inner voice and we will be living in the moment.

Understanding different culture: As we will be witnessing people from different culture, we will also understand their culture.

Being in the nature: We will not only meet people, we have a great opportunity to see variety of plant life, animal life, birds, insects etc.,