Herbal Water

How can we forget our grandmothers’ time tested several concoctions referred to as Kashayam, Kashaya, Kwath or Kadha, which we dreadfully consumed when we had colds, coughs or flu. Diabliss solved this problem by extracting beneficial ingredients in herbs and spices in a pleasing water form.

Diabliss Herbal Water are provided in an easily consumable format. Just mix 15 ml of the Herbal Water in 500 ml or 1,000 ml of water and consume throughout the day, preferably during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Diabliss Herbal Water are adjuvant therapies which, when consumed along with allopathic medicine provides outstanding, side-effect free results as an adjuvant therapy.  Our clinically tested herbal water for managing Blood Glucose and Hypertension provide month long supplement that delivers outstanding results while our Immunity Boost water deliver immune strength building benefits to everyone. Our beauty care cosmeceuticals provide hair care and skin care benefits through herbal water platforms.